A Celebration: ~300 Followers

Sebastian Opałczyński
3 min readNov 26, 2021
Let us celebrate.

The current story is different from the ones I usually write. I believe I have a good reason for that: I would like to thank you all. The people who are reading my stories, the people who find them interesting enough to click follow button — Thank you!

My journey on medium started around 2016, but being honest, I was not committed to writing and building a followers base then. Things changed in the current year when I was very spontaneous and wrote an article about Python tricks that went viral. It got 52k views until now, and I’ve earned almost 1000 USD thanks to only this article. And you know :)it just made me think — can I make medium the side income stream? So I’ve definitely started to experiment more and was writing more and more articles. It was significantly more than in the previous year, but still, too little to make a significant impact, yet once again — it allowed me to build 300 followers group, which is a massive success for me, and thank you once more.

On average, I am making 50–100 dollars per month on Medium, writing 2–4 stories per month. I recently focused on writing simple tutorials for beginners, and I really like it — I feel that I am helping someone, which is an extremely lovely emotion.

Technically, I am trying to find the perfect formula for these how-to stories. I try to make them engaging, structured, and easy to understand, but I am still a noob here :) — I wrote only 25 stories till now, so I am still learning, but this learning experience is enjoyable.

Besides how-to stories, I sometimes write what I generally think about IT, product development, software engineering, and related topics. And here I must admit I am starting to worry a little bit, because, during my career and thanks to the experience I gathered, I realized that my opinions are against the mainstream and kind of un-popular, and you know I am simply afraid to make them public, haha :) but maybe the right time will come someday.

I have a celebration today, so I can share unpopular opinions: Don’t follow the money. On the one side of it — I am pleased that many people try to make a career switch and start to work in IT. I am thrilled that more and more students pick STEM. It will be incredible to experience the new perspectives those people will bring to the industry. But…



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