Let us celebrate.

The current story is different from the ones I usually write. I believe I have a good reason for that: I would like to thank you all. The people who are reading my stories, the people who find them interesting enough to click follow button — Thank you!

My journey…

It’s all about avoiding the unnecessary.

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I remember at least two cases in my career when creating too much code turned out to be a bad strategy. And I am not talking about over-engineering.

On the surface, business was looking good, then someone decided that a certain problem should be solved by writing custom software. …

10 commandments of programming

The enlightenment fire. (Picture by author)

1. You will pick one programming language

You will learn and master one programming language, you will stick to it, and you will claim things like: “Java is faster than Python”, “C is the best programming language”, can be applied to other tools and services too: “MySQL is much better than PostgreSQL”, “Vim is the best IDE…

Sebastian Opałczyński

Software engineer, technology enthusiast, common sense lover, serial co-founder, and a father of two.

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